Our Mission & About Us

Franklin Community Center, situated in downtown Saratoga Springs, New York, extends its services across Saratoga County. Since its establishment in 1983, we have been steadfast in providing essential support and resources to individuals and families in need as a family resource center. Learn more about our history. Our values are encapsulated in our guiding philosophy: “send people out the door with whatever they came in looking for.”

Each year, our programs and services positively impact over 12,000 individuals, embodying our mission “to work collaboratively with individuals and other agencies to provide services that will improve the quality of life and foster a sense of neighborhood, community and family for all people“. Our primary objective is to serve and advocate for the under-resourced, without the discomfort of bureaucratic paperwork and prying questions, offering a helping hand, nurturing positive youth development, and bridging gaps in our community’s needs. Core to our mission are initiatives such as our Free Store distribution center, Emergency Food Pantry, Project Lift—an after-school program focused on bolstering self-esteem—and provision of safe and affordable housing through Franklin Community Manor, our efficiency apartments tailored for low-income individuals. In addition to our direct services, we actively engage in advocacy endeavors targeting the root causes of homelessness, enhancing access to affordable housing, combating food insecurity, promoting overall well-being, fostering financial stability, and facilitating access to support services.

Looking ahead, our commitment drives us to expand our reach and serve even more individuals in need, ensuring that our community thrives and prospers together. To make this possible, we rely heavily upon community donations, fundraisers, and corporate sponsorships to supplement our annual budget and pride ourselves on creating sustainable relationships.

Franklin Community Center is an equal opportunity provider and offers guidance and advocacy, while providing a safe, comfortable and non-judgmental atmosphere. We embrace diversity and strive to improve the lives of individuals from all backgrounds, irrespective of race, religion, or color.