10 Franklin Street, Saratoga Springs, NY


What Clients and Volunteers Have To Say About Franklin Community Center - See How We're Making A Difference!

The Smiles, The Impact, The Kindness… (Client names have been withheld)

“You helped me when no one else would—a single woman temporarily out of work—there’s not a lot of resources for people like me.”

“You ladies do such a great job here. It’s obvious you all love what you do.” ~Diana C., Donor

“We immediately thought of Franklin Community Center when we had to pick an organization—you’re doing such important things for our City residents. ~A community partner and City Official

“As important as food is empathy. The soul needs nourishment, too. You gave me back the self-respect I had lost years ago.”

“We love helping our community—since we’re your neighbors, you seemed like the perfect fit!” ~Jimcor Agencies

“Your grassroots approach to helping people is exactly what this community needs during this economy.” ~Mary M., Donor

“I think we can all empathize with that feeling of anxiety when times are particularly tough. It can be really scary—and it could happen to any one of us at any mo-ment. You never know when you might need to rely on an agency like this one.” ~Bob P., Donor

“My family has gone from being pretty well on our own to needing some assistance over this past year. We chose Franklin Community Center because you are friendly and non-judgmental. We are a family that is too proud to ask for help, and I was embarrassed to come for the food pantry or Christmas assistance, but you reassured me that is why you guys are here. Made me feel better knowing you wouldn’t treat me like I am below you. I appreciate all of your help in so many ways!”

“I love to donate to the [Franklin] Community Center because all I give returns to the community members in-need at NO COST to the recipients. I enjoy sharing and paying it forward no matter how small the donations seem. I know they will be put to use and appreciated.” ~Cindy S.

“Sometimes I am out and about in town, and I see someone who I know must be in need. I like knowing that what I give to the [Franklin Community] center might go to that person.” ~Katie I.

“You guys are no joke. When someone needs something, you get it done.” ~Bill W.

“I have donated, and I have received [services]. My daughter is lucky to be a partici-pant in Project Lift and our lives are blessed by the support and encouragement we receive from the center. I’m so proud that the Frank-lin Community Center is part of our lives and my neighborhood. Keep up the good work Franklin Community Center, and thank you for all you do.”

“When I come in to donate and see people lined up down the sidewalk, I realize how lucky this community is to have you.” ~Victoria C.

“Yesterday I went to 101 Washington to make a donation. This was my first time there. Wow! What a great service you are providing and the ladies volunteering there were so enthusiastic and dedicated to their task.” ~Christine G.

“I just love the spirit here. You all are hilarious! I haven’t laughed like this in a long time.”

“My daughter loves Project Lift so much! When I get there to pick her up, she’s disappointed that it’s time to go home!” ~Mom of a Project Lifter

“I never thought I’d be in this situation. When my husband got laid off, we really didn’t know how we’d get [Christmas] gifts for the kids. My paycheck only goes so far. Thank you for being here.”

“You guys are such a blessing. I don’t know what we’d do without you…”

“I love doing the Christmas gifting via St .Clements each year [which go to FCC]…There’s no better sight than a few cars packed with gifts! And it goes directly to our area, and you guys are just plain awesome!” ~Trish K., Donor

“I keep coming back to volunteer week after week because I love the energy, and I see how hard you all work. It feels good to be part of that.” ~Kim, volunteer

Adopting a family through FCC is THE BEST gift we could have given our kids – it was the highlight of their holiday. Thank YOU,
Franklin Community Center, for enriching our lives by allowing us to experience the joy of sharing abundance. ~Laura G.

“You do so much with so little. Your staff works their tails off, and you get things done. I feel good knowing that my donations are going toward the programming. It’s nice that you don’t just spend money just because you can.” ~George H., Donor