Thank you!

Thank you to our friends and supporters for making this event such a fun and enjoyable evening. We exceeded our goal for the 40th Anniversary campaign and your support helped to raise a total over $117,000!

Thursday night’s event was truly a community event, highlighting the hard work and dedication of those who have given their support over the past 4 decades to Franklin Community Center. We are indebted to the many individuals, businesses and agencies who worked tirelessly to ensure that our programs and services serve our community. The funds raised from the event will go to support the work of FCC and assisting those experiencing economic hardship.

As long as there is a need, Franklin will be there to help.

Thank you to 12866blog for the beautiful photos and event write-up. Click here to visit the event post.

Thank you to Brooklyn Beebe of BB Photography for capturing more of the evening’s festivities. Click here to view some of the photos.

And special thanks to the following business sponsors who helped make the event possible!