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Friends of the Center Mail Campaign

Donate to Your Community Through Our “Friends of the Center” Mail Campaign Fundraiser

Friends of the Center Mail CampaignAs Franklin Community Center’s other major fund-raiser throughout the year, our “Friends of the Center” mailing is a convenient way for generous community supporters to contribute to our programs.

In January, we send more than 1,500 letters to residents that have come to hold the Center close to their hearts. Thanks to the generosity of these local residents, the effort yields a successful 40-percent response rate, making the mailing an unassuming success.

One of our many goals here at the Center is to raise awareness of social and economic problems within our community. As we strive to make people more aware of the programs we provide to combat such issues, we hope to continue gaining support from additional “Friends of the Center.” It is this collaboration between our community and our staff that allows us to provide some relief to those in need.

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$25 – Continuing Member          $50 – Supporting Member          $100 – Patron

$500 – Benefactor                     $1,000 – Life Member                $ Other Amount