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“Party It Forward!”: How You Can Help FCC!

Are you hosting an upcoming celebration?  Perhaps you’re having a birthday party, and you’d to see people give to their local community…well, we’ve got the perfect solution!

Going to a party?  Click here for the WISH LIST 

Plum Dandy

Our “Celebrations” program is made possible in part by Plum Dandy, located at 419 Broadway, Saratoga Springs and on Route 9 in Malta

1.  If you’d like to host a party, first email Jaime@franklincommunitycenter.org to give her the info (name, phone number, party date and occasion).  She’ll get in touch with you asap!

2.  Tell your party goers to check out this link (you can copy it right into your email or invitation):  www.franklincommunitycenter.org/how-you-can-help/celebrate/

We’ll keep the wish list updated with the items most needed by Franklin Community Center.  Your party guests can shop for the items on the list and bring them to your party.

3.  We will set up a time for the donations to be delivered to FCC and  we’ll try to arrange “Junior Ambassadors” that have previously hosted parties on our behalf helping to take in the items!

4. Once we receive the items you’ve collected at your party, you’ll get a note from us thanking you for being so awesome!  (Party-hosts age 17 and younger will receive a $5 gift card from Plum Dandy.)