Franklin Community Center celebrates 40 years of community impact

For 40 years Franklin Community Center has been dedicated to helping families and individuals by offering advocacy, necessities and services in an effort to promote healthy lifestyles and positive changes. Board President, Zachary Manz, proudly states, “We will continue to work, today and into the future, as a community resource to provide assistance to those in need. Through 40 years of mission-based service, we will remain dedicated to giving back to the community that has allowed us to reach this notable milestone. Our staff, volunteers, donors and partners have nourished FCC and we’re grateful for their dedication and generosity.” After all this time, FCC continues to be looked to as an organization committed to making a difference in the lives of others and within the communities they serve.

FCC’s begins the year-long celebration of its 40th anniversary and invites the community an opportunity to reflect on the impact Franklin Community Center may have on them. All are invited to share, by email or by mail, a special FCC memory that ignited a sense of gratitude, opened a new opportunity or connected them to a pathway to success. These notes will be collected and saved in a time capsule to be opened at the 50th anniversary celebration. Executive Director, Kari Cushing, says, “Franklin Community Center has changed and evolved with the needs of our neighbors. We look forward to the next 40 years as we continue to grow and are honored to serve Saratoga Springs and the surrounding area since 1983. As we pay our respects to the past four decades, it is just as important to look to the future; the organization will continue, as it always has, to focus on providing the tools, information and service to ensure the success and health of our vibrant area.”

Franklin Community Center will kick-off its celebration with the launching of the Franklins for Franklin Challenge this spring. The fundraising challenge encourages donors, businesses and local professionals who have partnered with them over the years to “open the door” for FCC by hosting a fundraising opportunity to raise crucial funds and awareness for the critical services they provide. “Each of these events throughout the year supports programming for FCC but all have the organization’s mission at heart: healthy lifestyles and positive changes,” says Mary Beth McGarrahan, Development Director.

During the celebration year, FCC will retrace its 40 years of community impact, from its founding serving the West Side neighborhoods to the present, recognizing the legacy of individuals and the work that went into its formation and success. At the “Cheers To 40 Years” Anniversary Community Celebration event on September 28, attendees will raise a glass in honor of the donors, nonprofit organizations, and local professionals who have partnered with FCC over the years to create a lasting impact. Tickets for the Community Celebration will be available but space is limited.

Click here to learn more about how to get involved with the Franklin Community Center’s Franklins for Franklin Challenge and sign up your team.  To view our History of Community Impact timeline, visit our webpage.