Project Lift

Project Lift is a free prevention program for referred students that operates at each of the Saratoga Springs City School District elementary and middle schools. The program utilizes a unique approach that includes research-based curriculum, games and art to enhance children’s social and emotional skills and improve decision-making.

The staff and volunteers work to empower the participants to have conversations about lessons on the prevention of drug, tobacco, alcohol, violence and bullying. Together the students learn to build their self-esteem and realize their self-worth as well as learn how to set and respect healthy boundaries.

Throughout the school year, we host opportunities for our “Lifters” to share what they are learning by inviting their families in to celebrate their many accomplishments. Families also benefit from the other services of the Center including holiday assistance, school supplies, food, clothing, summer camp scholarships and referrals to additional services.

To learn more about Project Lift, please visit our staff page for the appropriate contact information.

Individual and community donations supplement our funding. Become a supporter today!