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Despite the glamorous and affluent reputation Saratoga Springs has in the minds of many, as in most cities, there are also those people who struggle to make ends meet every day. The unique and comprehensive approach of Franklin Community Center fosters a sense of family for those in need, without the discomfort of bureaucratic paperwork and prying questions. We offer guidance and advocacy, while providing a safe, comfortable and non-judgmental atmosphere.

Because we rely heavily on community donations, fundraisers and corporate sponsorships to supplement our annual budget, we pride ourselves on creating sustainable relationships. Our donors are reassured by our positive reputation and fiscally conservative approach while our consumers are touched by our empathy, care and concern.

Every dollar that comes in goes directly back into the operation of our programs. It is this “what you see is what you get” approach that allows us to stand behind our original and most important mission of meeting the needs of the community. The support from others is what keeps us going every single day, thriving in an environment where neighbors helping neighbors is the driving force.

We thoughtfully request your support of our mission. Your donation will benefit Franklin Community Center and ultimately, our friends and neighbors. With your help, we will continue making a difference.