10 Franklin Street, Saratoga Springs, NY


October 8th, 2014

Okay, let me set the stage for you…It has been an eventful week, it’s only Wednesday, and tomorrow is our largest annual fundraiser, Project Lift University. We come in Monday morning ready to take the world by storm, conquer our “to-do lists”, nail down all loose ends, and make the event the best it can possibly be.  UNTIL…we realize, hmmm, the phones are awfully quiet (gasp) they aren’t working…hmmm, the internet seems to be a bit slow (double gasp) it’s NOT WORKING.  Heart rates elevate, breaths quicken, panic starts to set it…Okay, just a temporary setback, and we should be great in an hour or two…

Fast forward to Tuesday – things are not great, still no phone, still no internet.  Did we mention that we work off of a server so when we are unable to access the internet we cannot access our files…oh yeah, it’s not just affecting our fun with Franklin’s Facebook but everything we do!

Later Tuesday, our internet/phone conglomerate comes…Internet is working (exhale) and the phone problem is beyond their abilities (gasp)…

This is where we learn our lesson.  When life throws you a curve ball, grab it, and throw it back.  We got this, we can do it!  Luckily our “seasoned” staff remembers a time before the web and how to function.  It’s a great story for years to come, “remember the year technology failed us right before PLU?”

We traveled back to the 80’s this week and picked up a few things we would like to share.

Thank you George Michael, you were right “cause I gotta have faith” and another shout out to A Field of Dreams, “If you build it, he will come.”

Hope to see you tomorrow at Project Lift University 2014…We built it, will you come?