10 Franklin Street, Saratoga Springs, NY

Onward, Upward and Online!

October 11th, 2011

We are thrilled to unveil our newly spruced-up website, designed to be fresh, inviting and user-friendly for all of our visitors. We’re making our mark in the community and on the web to be sure everyone realizes the importance of why our agency exists.

As you may have heard, Franklin Community Center has a lot going on these days, with our bustling food pantry, the start-up of Project Lift for this school year and the approaching holiday season. We are seizing the opportunities to create new relationships and maintain old ones as we continue meeting the needs of our area’s struggling residents. Record numbers of people in need have us seeing more new faces than ever before, with individuals relying on our services that would never have imagined they’d hit such tough times.

But we’re aiming high, moving forward and striving to do what we have always done best, and we have a capable and passionate staff that will not let the adversity of difficult economic times get the best of us. So keep visiting, reading, clicking and supporting us in any way you can–it’s the fuel to our fire that motivates us each and every day. Come and knock and our bright blue door (actually, you don’t need to knock 😉 and join us in our mission of making a difference. We look forward to seeing you.