Fresh, Locally Grown Produce at the FCC Food Pantry

Access to nutritious food is vital for personal and community health, but is particularly challenging for those experiencing poverty. Franklin Community Center’s Food Pantry Garden is uniquely positioned to support the local community through food production, education, and recreation. Nestled behind the main entrance of the Food Pantry building at 10 Franklin Street, FCC operates a vibrant community garden in partnership with local businesses, civic organizations, youth groups and countless dedicated volunteers. Our garden, bathed in sunlight and nurtured by caring hands, flourishes with a colorful array of seasonal produce. The growth of fresh produce is a powerful tool in promoting healthier lifestyles and bridging the gap between food insecurity and long-term well-being.

“This not only fights food insecurity, it promotes a healthy lifestyle. It gets like-minded individuals together on a project to make a positive impact,” said John Falco, manager of FCC’s Food Pantry.

Join us at the FCC Food Pantry Community Garden and help grow fresh produce to enrich our food pantry offerings during the growing season. FCC provides everything you need – seeds, soil, water, and plants – you bring the hands and heart to make it flourish. Our garden offers fantastic volunteer opportunities for individuals and small groups, and we’re especially passionate about educating and empowering young people. By teaching gardening skills, promoting teamwork, and giving teens responsibility, we’re nurturing future leaders in sustainability. The gardens become interactive classrooms, offering hands-on education about sustainable agriculture, nutrition and the importance of community resilience. If you love working outdoors and getting your hands dirty, reach out to our Office & Volunteer Coordinator at Meg Monthie for a rewarding volunteer experience!