THANK YOU for your support!

The Michael and Stacie Arpey Family Community Center At FCC

We are proud to announce the successful conclusion of our Expansion Campaign and have grown our organizational footprint to include nearby 95 Washington Street, now known as the Michael and Stacie Arpey Family Community Center at FCC. This much needed expansion has allowed us to increase our programmatic reach and effectiveness, while providing a space to host community programs, seminars, workshops and additional services. We are grateful to Michael and Stacie Arpey for their generosity as their gift of $1M facilitated the purchase of the building, adding the much-needed space to grow.  The newly acquired building, which houses our administrative and program offices, is located conveniently right across the street from our Food Pantry at 10 Franklin Street location.

Thanks to the financial support of our community members, organizations, businesses and various foundations, our programs have benefited greatly from this expansion into the new building. We have successfully:

  • Increased storage capacity for supplies, clothing, games and books for Project Lift program to be given when a student or family is in need.
  • Provided individual workspaces for our Project Lift Family Education Coordinators to meet privately with Lift families and outside professionals or agencies.
  • Created a streamlined and more efficient process, for both donors and clients, for our Holiday Assistance program.
  • Allowed our Food Pantry to increase its operational efficiency by expanding storage space for perishable and non-perishable items, enabling us to accept and properly store donated products like bread and meats.
  • Created the opportunity for our Food Pantry to partner with farmers markets and local farms, such as Featherbed Lanes Farm and Pitney Meadows Community Farm, to feature fresh, seasonal produce in our food assistance packages.

To truly see the impact this expansion has on our programs, we invite to view our Expansion Video –> Click here