Join as a Sustaining Member!

Our Sustaining Membership, or recurring giving program, helps to make your support of our work easier and more manageable. Your gift will be put to good use right away to help support the immediate needs of our organization. You will essentially support our work all year long and be counted among our valued donors in our annual Impact Report. Recurring gifts provide sustained support for our existing programs and resources that benefit our community throughout the year.

When making your donation, please consider turning your gift into a monthly or quarterly one and become a Sustaining Member by choosing to support Franklin Community Center in recurring installments. A Sustaining Membership is an easy and efficient way for you to support our vital programs through secure, automatic payments from your credit card or debit card. We’ll deduct your designated contribution from your account until you let us know to stop or change it. You may change your gift amount, your information and payment method at any time by contacting Mary Beth McGarrahan at (518) 587-9826.

Sustaining members enjoy the satisfaction of knowing your contribution is going further – less paper, stamps, and administrative costs means more of your contribution goes into the programs you value. When processing your gift online, please choose “Become a Sustaining Member” by making your gift recurring or complete and mail in the recurring gift authorization form along with your optional first donation.