Franklin Community Manor

Safe and Affordable Rental Housing

Recognizing the need for safe and affordable rental units within the City of Saratoga Springs, Franklin Community Center moved forward with building Franklin Community Manor in 1987. Utilizing existing property owned by the organization at 95 Congress Street, Franklin Community Manor was built with funding from various private sources.  This multi-unit building serves as a safe-haven for those in our community who may be faced with homelessness, living in substandard conditions or waiting for subsidized housing to become available.  This program offers 17 single occupancy efficiency apartments that serve as safe, permanent housing for low-income adults.

There is a critical need in our community for housing that is within reach of services and amenities that will help low income individuals succeed. Our staff carefully screens and interviews each potential renter to ensure the safety and security of our residents. It is our expectation that our residents respect not only their neighbors, but the property as well. Our residents take pride in their community and do their part in maintaining the property so that we blend in with the surrounding neighborhood.

As the building reaches its 35th year, please consider supporting our program.  We are seeking funding to assist with various building improvements and upgrades. Your contribution will help us to make much-needed upgrades and improvements to the building.